I was astounded to learn how the beliefs we have about ourselves can hold us back and the tremendous power in changing that way of thinking. Learning to replace the words "I can't" with "how can I" continues to inform me everyday!!

— Deborah Cushing

I was in a critical turning point in my career and was wasting months and months of sitting on the fence. I couldn't decide whether or not to bring my massage therapy practice home or not. Jitka's coaching style and promptness allowed me to find the answer. Coaching truly empowered me. A new company, Therapeutic By Design Inc.., was born.
Jitka's style is empowering as it draws the answers out of you. The answer was already there, waiting for me to tap into it. It felt so exhilarating to have her bring it to the surface.

— Jana Asman
Owner/Operator, Therapeutic By Design Inc.

Jitka has often been an invaluable member of the TWI Surveys team providing research and analysis for our client work. She is very thorough and professional, is focused firmly on strategy and has a fine eye for important detail.

— Tudor Williams, ABC
Principal, TWI Surveys Inc.

In the demanding environment of McKinsey, Jitka's achievements and impressive growth would be impossible without her positive approach and energy, unwavering professionalism, both in terms of technical skills and interpersonal demeanor, and her sense of teamwork.

— Jean-Pascal Duvieusart
Partner, McKinsey&Company

The task ahead of me when I first met with Jitka seemed immense and impossible. I felt uncertain and overwhelmed at the time. My possibilities seemed limited. Jitka's calm, patient and caring personality, insightful questions and communication expertise boosted my morale and provided me the support that I needed to steadily put in place what I needed to do. In a way Jitka was my midwife as I nurtured the growth of my practice, while I laboured and birthed a dissertation.

— Vera Berard
Owner, Midwifery Care North Shore

Jitka is a warm, wise, insightful woman who has a real gift for helping people get to the heart of an issue or goal and to define pragmatic, real-life solutions and actions. She's an excellent listener and can hear what you're saying even when you don't realize what you're saying!

— Michele Pankratz
Principal, Changes Ltd.

Jitka not only has a keen understanding of communication strategy, she has a profound understanding of the human experience. She brings a global view to the needs of organizations but with a focus on the local needs of people as learners and leaders. She also takes a progressive approach to technology and systems thinking that puts her in a leading position as a change management consultant, coach and service provider. Jitka is smart, intelligent and full of good humour. She is a leader who demonstrates the growing strategic value of organizational communication practice in the knowledge age.

— Peter Roaf, BJ Hons, MA, ABC, MC
Director, Internal Communication, Vancouver Coastal Health

Jitka conducted Myers-Briggs assessments for my individual team members. As a result of her reviews and thoughtful communication with each individual, my team has been able to work together in a more relaxed and effective fashion. All members of my staff have expressed their delight with the process.

— Karen Grant
Managing Director, exceler@tor, University of Toronto