Our approach

At Holt Communications, we help you deliver customized change solutions built on action-based communication, and on your talent and strengths. We help you and your people stay the course throughout the entire transition cycle.

Our approach is:

  • Integrated. Change is a vital element of business, which affects all its parts. We define change objectives as business objectives, and work with you to integrate them into the business strategy. We rely on communication as the essence of sustainable change. We define communication as behaviour, or, as walking the talk. It is based on authentic ongoing interaction between all stakeholders.
  • Comprehensive. We see change as a part of cyclical transition. We support you throughout the process so that you keep your focus on what matters at each phase. We approach change at both the organizational and the individual levels, as no large-scale transition is possible without a shift in each person.
  • Tailored. We consider each change in its unique set of circumstances. We work closely with you to find a strategic solution that is right for you at that time. We use feedback and measurements frequently, to gauge the development and adjust tactics accordingly.