Our approach

At Holt Communications, we work with you to find answers and solutions that are meaningful and motivating for you. With our co-active approach, you engage all your resources inside and out: your talents, strengths, weaknesses and your relationships in an integrated, comprehensive fashion that most suits you. You change in a lasting way that matters.

Our approach is:

  • Integrated. Working closely with you, we engage your mind, heart and body in finding solutions that move you forward. The most powerful decisions come from integrating the intellectual, emotional and physical capacities, and having them work in sync. We explore each by asking targeted questions and by selecting coaching tools, frameworks and exercises accordingly. Throughout the process, we rely on communication as the essence of constructive change. We define communication as behaviour, or, as walking the talk. It is based on authentic ongoing interaction between your mind, heart and body – and all involved in your change.
  • Comprehensive. Together, we assess your unique set of circumstances and relationship networks and your position within them. We consider all areas of your life as changes in one effect all others. Taking this systems approach, we support you throughout the process so that you keep your focus on what matters at each point in time.
  • Tailored. We make sure that our coaching is as effective for you as possible. As the coaching relationship develops, we keep unfolding the various facets of your personality: where you excel, where you are developing – and where you want to excel and develop. You are in the centre of coaching 100% of the time. We use personal assessment tools to develop a common understanding of your personality. We always ask for both structured and informal feedback so that you can guide us in how to make coaching most relevant for you.