Is coaching for you?

You are – or want to be – experiencing a major change in your personal or professional life, and you want to turn this period into a meaningful positive shift. You want to move from “I should” to a sincere “I want to. ” For example, you want to:

Find more enjoyment in what you do

  • Reduce stress and find balance
  • Improve performance: become more effective and productive
  • Get ready for a promotion or a change in your career

Engage in fulfilling relationships: at home and at work

  • Communicate more openly and with confidence
  • Strengthen relationships that really matter to you
  • Break unhealthy relationship patterns

Do it now: stop procrastinating

  • Follow through with a project
  • Discover the talents and interests that have gone into hiding
  • Break away from unwanted habits

We offer coaching both for private clients and for individuals and teams within organizations.