Coaching services

At Holt Communications, we offer coaching for clients who are going - or want to go - through a major change in their lives.

Our coaching services for individuals take several formats. We customize the offering based on your long-term and immediate needs. It includes a selection or combination of the following:

  • Coaching programs. We design our six-month coaching programs with clients who look for an alliance that helps them set and achieve long-term goals in an authentic and efficient way.
    • Personal coaching. With your guidance, we design coaching programs that trigger a profound shift in how you approach transition and change in your personal and professional life. Using your personality profile, and an array of other tools, we jointly define which priorities matter to you and how you want to integrate them into your life.
    • Communications coaching. Whether you want to get better at interacting with your family and friends, or whether you want to add effective communication to your professional skill set, we explore and strengthen your natural communication style, and find your confidence to get involved in authentic and engaging interaction.
  • Focus coaching. We offer single two-to-four-hour focus coaching sessions for when you want to take a step back and get a fresh perspective on a particular situation, and design a practical action plan. Focus coaching is available for individuals and teams.
    • Snapshot assessments. Together, we take an objective look at your situation in a given point in time, assess a variety of influences, take into account your personality profile(s), set relevant goals and design a map of next steps.
    • Problem solving. Together, we assess the issue from different angles, tackle it using a variety of tools (e.g., mind mapping, killer ideas, brainstorming). At minimum, problem-solving sessions will kick-start your thinking and renew your enthusiasm.
    • Visioning and planning. This is an opportunity to create a concrete vision of your success, and add enticing details to your plan that will make your goals relevant, attainable and motivating.